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The Signers - Lyman Hall - 3rd Cousin 7 times removed

Lyman Hall was an American physician and statesman, best known as one of the signers of the United States Declaration of Independence, representing the state of Georgia. He was born on 12 April 1724 in Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut to John Hall and Mary Street. He was one of the eight children of his parents.

He comes from my mother's side.

Patricia Hasenstab,
Mabel Closson,
Benjamin Closson,
Benjamin Closson,
Luther Closson,
David Lewis (Luther's father-in-law)
Benjamin Benham
John Hall
John Hall
John Hall - We share John Hall, born 1605-1676

In 1757,  after coming to know about sufficient land resources in Georgia he moved to Georgia and became an owner of a small plantation.

In the 1770s, when the Revolution approached, he was elected as a delegate from the city he represented  - St. John’s Parish in the Second Continental Congress in 1775.

In 1776, he formed a Provincial Congress and him along with Button Gwinnett and George Walton were appointed delegates from the state of Georgia. The same year, on August 2, he signed the Declaration of Independence.

After the Revolution, he was made the Governor of Georgia in order to restore the city. After his one-year term as governor, he served in the assembly and as a judge.

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  1. Excellent pedigree:) Your roots go deep in the States


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