Friday, June 23, 2017

New 3rd Cousin Looking for Bio Dad

This is unexpected. Earlier this week, I was contacted by a DNA match on Ancestry. She is looking her father. Our DNA connection is very strong. We nailed it down, to my paternal side of the family. She said, on 23 and Me, a first cousin of mine, (I'll call Bill) shows up as her 2nd cousin. Since I am pretty much a DNA newbie, I am learning right along with this 3rd cousin. It is interesting, that if Bill shows up as her 2nd cousin and Bill's brother shows up as her 3rd cousin like I Bill the father?i

She is asking a lot of questions about Bill's family.

I checked her out on Facebook - she actually looks a lot like one of Bill's nieces. The family resemblance is striking. Apparently, Bill was like 16 when this happened. (If it is Bill)

She apparently found her bio mom, who has passed. She is a licensed therapist that specializes in helping adoptees with the physiology behind it all.

That side of the family is HUGE and spread out all over the US. I haven't seen Bill since I was a senior in HS. I am facebook friends with Bill's 2 brothers and one niece.

The sensitivity of this situation could come as a shock to whoever the father is.

Interesting read

Yep, it's all pretty exciting. I'm so curious now, that she has made contact. I love a good family mystery! God knows, I sure have a few on both sides, I am unraveling.

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  1. Wow! This is pretty cool,to find someone who is related to you and the father may have been a bad boy when he was younger.

    1. I'm sure hoping we can solve the mystery soon.

  2. If Bill shows up as a second cousin, he is not the father. They share great-grandparents. Or one's great grandparents could be the other one's granddparents. However, if the kinship is through some half siblings, the relation could be closer like grandparents.

    I'm a genealogy nut too.

    1. Okay. I get confused with the DNA. Glad you're here to help me along. Genealogy is my passion. It takes up too much of my time.


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