Monday, April 24, 2017

Voices from the Past

My sons were born in the late 70's to mid-1980's. We never had a video recorder that played sound. I did, however, have, a tape recorder and recorded many hours, of my kids playing on it. Asa mom, I knew that one day, those tapes would be precious to me. One tape, in particular, is the voice message from my oldest son when he was in college and living with 2 roommates. He died at the age of 25, just a year after he graduated. I asked his roommates if I could have a copy and they sent me one. For many months, after, they did not even change it.

Imagine, if we could "hear" our Grandmothers once again. How precious that would be. Now we have the technology - and there are no excuses. Leave a living legacy - by leaving your voice for your family.

I have a garden diary from my GGreat aunt - and I can hear her voice. When I read my Grandma's letters to me, I can hear her voice, too.

I have some old movie film of aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents - no audio but our family watched the movies often enough to where we remember what was being said. It's really neat, to now - all these years later, to watch, our loved ones, move and just be alive.

One day, we will be nothing more than a name - if we do this now, our voices will be heard for generations. How cool is that?

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  1. I have a cassette tape of my mother in law singing nursery rhymes to my son. I should transcribe it to digital before it disappears. I don't think I could find a cassette player.

  2. When I read you lost your son, my heart just went out to you. You must treasure all these memories you have of your son and the rest of your children and family members. My dad died April 30, 1988 and I alive longer without him than I have been with him in my life. One thing I treasure is a tape cassette of him talking. It is not the best sound and it is a conversation he is having with my mom and other relatives, it is so special. I often think the families of film stars etc.. who can see their parents, grand parents etc...on the big screen are so very lucky

    1. Yep, capture them now on video- they will be treasures later on.

  3. I'm behind in reading but this is very timely.

    I have an audio tape of my dad giving a speech to his Rotary club in 1999 telling the story of his life. Just yesterday I placed an order to have it transferred to CD. I do have his typed version (which is wonderful) but hearing him say the words brought me to tears. I can't wait to share a copy with my siblings.

    We also just finished transferred all of our old VCR and 8mm tapes to DVD - what a process but I'm so glad we got that done.

    I'm sorry to hear about your son :-(


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