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Ulysses Matthew Lewallen.

The letter U is a hard one, especially in Genealogy. So I searched for the family with either the first or last name that started with a U.


Having no luck with surnames that started with a U - I found a 1st cousin 2x removed, Ulysses Matthew Lewallen.  (Say that name without his middle name 20 times while holding your tongue)   Ulysses Lewallen. I can only get to 4 x.  Anyway,  I pretty much thought it would be just when he was born - died - and where he lived until I read the story of his death. My goodness.

cute couple

LEWALLEN, ULYSSES.  Born: Jun. 20, 1884 Death: Sep. 11, 1933
He married Abline Pemberton on July 18, 1903, in Scott County, Tennessee.

"Hurstle Lewallen Kills Father Tues." 

Ulysses Lewallen buried Wednesday Near Glen Mary. Ulysses Lewallen aged about 50, residing about three miles east of Glen Mary, was shot to death by his son, Hurstle, last Tuesday night just after dusk. According to reports LEWALLEN and son had been working in the hay field that day and about dusk, the father had sent his son to the house after a lantern with which to complete some work. LEWALLEN claims that his father reprimanded him for not getting the lantern as quickly as was thought he should and after some difficulty between father and son young Lewallen claims that his father came at him with a pitchfork and he shot in self-defense. The father, according to information, was shot six times and died instantly.

Young Lewallen age 20 was given a preliminary hearing before Squire H. O. Lewallen and bound over to court under $5000 bond. The funeral was held Wednesday with interment in the family cemetery. A large crowd attended the burial of Mr. LEWALLEN, who was well known in the county and who has a large number of relatives residing in Scott county. (Scott County News, Fri., 15 Sept. 1933.

Of course, NOW I am interested in the son, Hurstle Lewallen (What kind of name is Hurstle?) Birth Date: 28 Jun 1913
Death Date: 10 Jan 1945

TEC5 Hurst Lewallen Killed In Action, During WW II, While Fighting In Europe.He fell on the field of Battle while Fighting for Freedom. WITH THE 329TH INFANTRY REGIMENT

Wow.   He was a young child during WW1- and by the time WW2, they were drafting the 18 yr olds. His enlistment records show he signed up May 21, 1941, at the age of 27. He was a Semiskilled miner, single with no dependents. Height: 68 - Weight: 173. He enlisted. He didn't even have to go. I wonder why? SAD story.

General George Patton reviewed the 329th and concluded: "That’s the finest body of soldiers I have ever seen in the field." The 329th Infantry Regiment was the closest US unit to Berlin at the end of World War II, being ordered to stop some 30 miles short of the city.

Regarding the killing of his father, Ulysses, he was charged with murder. I found where I could order the copy of the trial however at $80.50 I won't be placing an order, anytime soon. I am assuming he was found not guilty.

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  1. This is a sad story and a gripping one. I found out only a couple of years ago that my dad was in prison for 2 yrs due to a robbery when he was 17 and stupid! He was also in WW2 and was born March 14, 1913 so he was as old as Hurstle(that is a strange name). Anyway, I think my dad was told if he signed up his prison record would be forgiven so maybe there was something similar with your relative here. Oh, my dad was wounded in the Reischwald forest

    1. Yeah I thought that,too. Just the irony of it all -

  2. Fascinating story. And I agree - Hurstle is a strange name.


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