Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Family Wedding pictures

Having some wedding photos of your ancestors are priceless. Seeing them, young and at their best. Some you can tell had money and others did not.

Beautiful floral display

This is different - A dark wedding dress. Maybe, it's all that she had. 

 look at his smile.

Young and Shy - These are my Grandparents


I have more - but these were the only ones I managed to scan and save for this A-Z project.

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  1. Some terrific photos. They can contain a lot of symbolism and changing traditions over time. Black was certainly acceptable for a long time even after Queen Victoria made white dresses fashionable. This source says black was fashionable in Scandinavia and you mention another Swedish wedding... https://www.marryjim.com/en/page/show/id/30/template/history

  2. I love seeing old photos like this. The lady in the non white dress is still fashionable because the material looks expensive and, like Anne said, white only became the norm after Queen Victoria married in white. Her dress also looks like it is some traditional folk dress. Many would wear this for special occasion especially one this ornate

  3. Beautiful photos. I love seeing our ancestors as the embark on a new chapter in their lives.


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