Sunday, April 23, 2017

Genealogy Travel

One day I hope to travel to the European hometowns and villages where my ancestors came from. Meanwhile, since I was raised in California, and all my parent's family were mainly in Tennessee and Ohio. I can't just run over to the courthouse to look at records.  In 2010, I took a trip back to Dayton, Ohio. While there, I visited my 90-year-old Aunt, and another younger aunt, and some cousins. After our family visit,  I was on my own - I really needed at least a week.

My husband and I both, want to one day, go to Virginia, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania, where our colonial ancestors first came to.

Where would you like to travel to find your ancestors?

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  1. This is a tantalising search! In India, most of us can trace our roots back to tiny villages we came from originally---many of us have surnames that are actually village names. Some castes also claim to be the progeny of one of the rishis---powerful sages in ancient times. The clan of the ancestral sage is called a person's "gothra". People from the same gothra are not supposed to marry each other.

    1. Wow that is interesting. I wish it was easier to trace my lineage...

  2. I need to go to Barry's Bay, On. to see what I can find on my dad's family. My grandparents married in Sudbury and also lived for a time in Chicago. My one Aunt stayed and lived in chicago her whole life. I would love to go to Europe, Mickstadt-is the old Prussian town which is now part of Poland to see what I can find out about my last name. If I find anything on my grandmother, I would want to visit that area since I was told she was from the Krakow area but i have seen something about the Austro/Hungarian empire so unsure. I would also just love to go to Wittenberg where my mom grew up.


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