Friday, April 28, 2017

Two Zachariahs, One Zilphy, One Zeak, a Zebulon and Ziddie

For this LAST post, I took the easy way- I just made a list of all the ancestors that either had a Z surname or Z first name.

Zachariah Cross - My 6th Great Uncle.
1741- 1815 Died in battle - The British Invasion of Maryland
His burial was at the Cross Family Cemetery in Baltimore, USA. The cemetery is no longer in existence-Body lost or destroyed
Specifically: Cemetery was destroyed

Zilphy Fielden - 
Not quite sure where she fits in yet. She was married to a Reverand who
might be part of the family. Still checking this line. 

Zeak Hembree - 1st cousin 4x removed
Born 1836 but am unable to find any more about him. Might have died as an infant. 

Zachariah Jones - 4th great-uncle
1778 he was employed by the State of Virginia as an Indian Spy at the rate of one dollar a day, but without rations, clothing or munitions, which he provided for himself. The distance that he was employed to act as a spy was between sixty and seventy miles and immediately west of the inhabitated part of the County of Greenbrier. He continued to act as a spy for the period of two years.

Zebulon Smith - 5th great-uncle
Revolutionary War Veteran

Ziddie Almeda Young - Paternal Aunt

This aunt was a hoot and the aunt, I knew the most. I always looked forward when she would come to visit. We lost track after I left home and started my own family, which I regret. She would tell, tales of the family and we were always laughing. 

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  1. Congratulations on finishing the A to Z Challenge and thanks for visiting/commenting on my blog! This is an inspired ending to a long month of blogging. Looking forward to your reflections post when they set the date.

  2. Congrats on finishing the A to Z. I think the Canadians were at fault for that Maryland battle. You had a lot of Z's in your family. Your aunt does look like someone who was nice and loved to laugh


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