Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Young Family

My dad came from a very large Scott County, Eastern Tennessee family,  The Young's. I've always had a love and interest for this family because they were interesting. Through my searches,  there are other surnames that keep weaving in and out through the Young Family.

My 5th GGrandfather"Young" came from his native London leaving his parents, John and Amy Young, in England and settled in Virginia - 20 years before the Revolutionary War, around 1755. August 23, 1766, Sam purchased 321 acres on Back Creek.  Back Creek is a 59.5-mile-long (95.8 km) tributary of the Potomac River.  Its name reflects its location to the west of North Mountain. The perspective of colonists from the east in the 18th century led them to call it "Back Creek" because it lay to the back of North Mountain.  I believe now it would be the state of West Virginia. He sold much of it to settlers fo ginseng, deer skins, and furs. This produce he took away to Winchester or Fredericksburg, and exchanged for merchandise, which he bartered or peddled, and thus acquired considerable wealth.

He served in the war as did his father, brothers, and cousins - who came to America. These Young's - proud Scotch-Irish-Americans throughout history have loved their new country and pioneered, long and hard so that we can live the way we do today.

PROUD of my YOUNG Heritage

Sam and Jane's final resting place. 

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  1. Wow! Your family on that side goes back a long way and you should be proud. The history they lived through. Do you know of any battles they went through?

    1. I will be working on that in May.


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