Monday, April 17, 2017

Just one PHOTO would mean the world to me

I came real close - to getting a copy of a photo of my Grandfather Hasenstab. Then, the "cousin" stopped returning my messages and it is not like I was being a pest. I gave her S.P.A.C.E.

I post photos on Ancestry all the time. Many have tagged them, to use for their family trees. Lets face it, we like to see what they look like; do we resemble them in anyway?  It's not like I am posting people who are alive today - Come on now, they're DEAD!  Why be so protective of a photo? If it could be some closure for someone, I'd be honored to help.

So, I know there are photos "out there" and I continue to search. Oh happy day, if I should ever come across a photo of my Grandfather.

Here are but a few of the photo archives I have sifted through. I won't give up.

Dead Fred

Are You in my Photo? (This is mostly for fun but you never know)


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  1. My maternal grandfather was always somewhat of a mystery to me because my grandparents were divorced when my mom was about 10 and she didn't stay in touch much with him. I asked her over and over for a photo but she just didn't have anything for me. Once when I was visiting her she thought she remembered where she might have one - way up in a hall closet and she couldn't get to it. I drug it down and sure enough, there was a photo of the two of them together. I LOVED IT! I'm so thankful that she remembered because about a year later she passed away and if I'd seen that photo, I would have had no idea who it was. Keep the faith - you might find one yet!

  2. I know what you mean. My mom was trying to get pictures of my dad's father and even photos of my dad when he was young. My Uncle and aunt would never share. The only 2 pics of my granddad was one when was on a stoop with his second wife and the other was him in the coffin. Funny nelly my mom came across a picture of my grandparents wedding! Yes.....she hid it under her clothing and now we have that one pic. When I was 16, I went to my aunts and said I'd love to see some old photos. She mentioned that there were none of my dad and I said that's ok as I like be old photos. I never considered my aunt to be the brightest bulb, so I started looking and found pics of my dad when he was off to war and even when he was a lord her in algonquinpark in the 1930's. I took the, and am proud of it. Also, one thing about Facebook that was wonderful is that I found more pics of my dad and my granddad! My cousin was on Facebook and trying to find out who all the people were so now I have even more. Whew! Lengthy post but I wanted to tell ya my story...don't give up.

    1. I totally won't give up. Great story


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