Saturday, April 15, 2017

N is for Native american ancestry

My father's side of the family, still INSIST we have Cherokee. We all had high cheekbones. Yet DNA has not revealed this at all, in myself and a couple of first cousins. So what is the deal? Did my family out and out LIE to me?

I don't think so. Times were different - and back then, when you married into the family - you were thought of as just that -FAMILY. and the in-law's family became FAMILY. So if there had been a native American, the whole family laid claim to the ancestry.

Our story - My Grandma was adopted. She looked Cherokee. After some research, I found that she was actually raised by cousins of her mother or mother's side of the family. That's what they did back then. Then I started hearing that my Grandpa, also had some Cherokee in his family. They were born and raised till they died, in Scott County, Tennessee. I could find no records of family, that traveled to Oklahoma during the Trail of Tears. I then searched for the Eastern Band of Cherokee - and their rolls. I didn't have a consistent surname - and nothing came up in the census.

My search could be for an in-law or non-blood family member who was Cherokee. Heck at this point, that would still be cool - but doesn't mean I have legitimate Native American Ancestry.  What difference does it really make? So what, that I "identified with the Cherokee Nation", in the 60's and 70's.

My new search: What European people had high cheekbones?  :-)

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  1. Hi Debby. A few years ago I read this article on Cherokee ancestry which I found interesting Not sure if the ideas help in unravelling your family history though. Regards Anne ----------

    Anne Young

    Anne's family history

  2. I want my hubby to get his DNA and wouldn't be surprised at all if he had Native American in him. My mom is German, from Wittenberg, and I would love to see if we have Hun in us:) way back when the Mongolians came to Europe, they settled in what is now Hungary...Hun. Interesting is that Hungary and Finland share a common history in their language! When I see pictures of my great grand mother on my mother's, mother's side, she has high cheekbones and narrow eyes so I wonder if I might have like 1 or 2% Hun in me


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