Saturday, March 25, 2017

Michael Hasenstab - Tragedy

looks spooky

Michael Hasenstab - 
B: 2 Feb 1858 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, United States 

D: 6 April 1932 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA 

My GGrandfather, Michael Hasenstab, must have had some issues and it is purely speculative on my part to say what it was because I don't know. What I do know, is he was widowed early - and left to raise 2 young children, Caroline and Edwin at ages 4 and 2. I do not know how or why his beloved Minnie, died. Perhaps she died in childbirth?

The census shows him and his 2 young children living together at several different residences.In 1922 it shows he was living at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. Curious, to say the least.

1920 Census shows he is the head of the house - but has both Caroline and Edwin as adults living with him. It also shows Caroline had married (widowed or divorced) with 3 young children, living with them.

He was a Butcher by trade.

Yesterday I found these 2 newspaper clippings, on his suicide.

Poor guy - He must have been so desperate. I wish I knew why.

April 2, 1932 (Saturday)

Former German Crown Prince Wilhelm endorsed Adolf Hitler for president in the April 10 election. By making a political statement, Wilhelm broke his word to the German government that he would refrain from politics as a condition of his return to Germany from exile.

April 3, 1932 (Sunday)

Germany's "Easter truce" forbidding political activities expired at noon with violent clashes around the country.

April 4, 1932 (Monday)

Vojislav Marinković became Prime Minister of Yugoslavia.

April 5, 1932 (Tuesday)

The documents seized by German police in last month's raids on Nazi headquarters were presented to the government. According to authorities, they showed Nazi plans to start a civil war in which a secret army would seize arms and ammunition and cut off water supplies to city centers.

Chancellor Heinrich Brüning told an audience in Stuttgart that the re-election of Hindenburg would pave the way for a settlement of the reparations problem, while the election of Hitler would cause the German mark to drop with a crash "in no time."

April 6, 1932 (Wednesday)

Four powers (Britain, France, Germany and Italy) opened the Danube Conference in London, discussing the perilous economic situation of the countries that once made up Austria-Hungary.

I may never know this side of Heaven.


  1. Can you get hold of the inquest? I have inquests for some family members who died and for the case of suicide family members talk about what may have been bothering the victim. Regards Anne

    1. Gee I never thought about that. My mom also died from suicide and there was no inquest. Maybe they did that more back in those days.

  2. For me, it was alarming to learn that one of my great-grandfathers committed suicide. Like you, I wish I knew why. There was no mention of it in my family so no information at all. How sad for Michael's family.


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