Friday, March 24, 2017

BRICK WALL - Philomena Hasenstab

I wish I knew her. My great grandmother on my mother's side. The only thing I have, is her name on my GGrandfather's death certificate, as his wife. She was already deceased.

She was born approx. 1860
and died August 14, 1898. She was 38 years old. 1900 Census shows her husband, Michael a widower. He had a 65 yr old housekeeper or nanny living with them. Francis Gangshril and 2 young children. Caroline age 4 and Edwin. age 2.

What was her maiden name?
Her Birthdate?
Was she born in the USA or Germany? 
Did her Parents name her after St. Philomena?

I do know, she is listed as Minnie - on some city directories from Dayton, Ohio. I doubled checked nicknames for Philomena and yes, Minnie is a common one.

That's it. I can't go any further without beating my brains out.

It's sad really - She was born - and once had a loving family however there is no record that I am able to find. It's not right- not to be remembered. I feel a closeness to her for some reason. Probably because her history eludes me at this time.

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