Saturday, March 25, 2017

DNA Matches and Circles (Disappointing)

Since I did my DNA and got my results - I am more confused than ever. I'm a bit disappointed, too. So many of the DNA matches, don't want to communicate. I mean, what is UP with that? We don't have to be best friends. Come on now. Many of them, do not post their family trees or have linked their family trees. I thought it would be easier.

Most, people just want to know what their ethnicity is. They care nothing about connecting with distant family, that share some DNA. For me, I am the only one left from my birth family - I welcome anyone who is part of the family. Of course, I 'm not reckless - I won't be rewriting my will, ask them for money or wanting them to move in with me. So what is the big deal?

Family Reunion 1963

I did not grow up with my cousins - from about age 5 on. We moved to California. We would go back every few years, for BIG family reunions. The age difference was large - so some cousins were already married and had children of their own when I was a young kid or teen. We just didn't have anything in common.

Plus, there was bad blood with my dad and his family. No doubt, some of the cousins, just heard things said and developed their own issues toward us. My sister and I included. Not fair, but human nature.

Plus I am finding out, my DNA Matches and Circles, keep changing. I had more...what happened to them?


  1. At least you have circles ;) I have none.

  2. Well I have a few circles and they have given me more links to work on so seems like a plausible idea.

    On lack of other people's trees (and contacts). I think there are 2 issues here. One is the DNA test companies insist you can learn your ethnicity (which is fun but a bit suss) but more importantly they give the impression you can find relatives without actually needing a family tree and doing all the work thats involved as if somehow your DNA test comes with addresses the relatives to contact.

    Another factor (at least with some of my relatives) is that somehow getting identified via a DNA test is invasive so they keep everything private. I mean this is their prerogative (people has good reasons to protect their privacy) but it cuts across the sharing/connecting that most genealogists take for granted.



    1. Very true. Years ago, without the DNA I kept my tree private for the very reasons you stated. Maybe one day, they will come around. Thanks

  3. 11 is very good, gives you lots to go on with including separating maternal and paternal matches :)

    1. Seems I had more, but they disappeared.


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