Monday, March 27, 2017

Here are the 11 NEW Ancestor Discoveries

So here they are - Next week I will go over them. The first one, John Brigham Young - Young is my maiden name - however, he is more likely to be a cousin to one of my gg grandfathers. From what I could tell, he is no relation to the LDS Brigham Young and this one never left Tennessee. I guess Brigham was a popular name back in the 1860's when he was born. and not to insult any LDS, when I was a kid, and we studied all of that in school, kids used to make fun of me, saying I was a distant relative of the Brigham Young. I'd say probably THAT was the moment in time when I started getting interested in genealogy. Mid 1960's - Mom told me, there were many Young's who are not related. But because of the surname connection, I have read a lot about Brigham and his many wives and children over the years. If there is a family tie, it would not be a direct line.

Now the really exciting and mysterious part is that the other 10, I have no idea which part of my family, they come in under.

Overwhelming. I do need to move on, from the Hasenstab's for awhile. The rest of my family tree is waiting to be discovered.

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