Thursday, March 23, 2017

Top 20 Genealogy Websites of 2016

As of March 2016 - Perhaps another one is coming out this month. USA is in BOLD

GenealogyInTime Magazine

1 records USA pay
2 Find A Grave cemetery USA free
3 FamilySearch records USA free
4 family tree USA pay
5 records UK pay
6 family tree USA pay
7 GeneaNet family tree France pay
8 newspapers USA pay
9 records Australia pay
10 FindMyPast UK records UK pay
11. Family Tree DNA DNA testing USA pay
12 records Canada pay
13 records USA pay
14 MooseRoots search engine USA free
15 WikiTree family tree USA free
16 records USA pay
17 FamilyTreeNow family tree USA free
18 Fold3 records USA pay
19 Genealogy Bank newspapers USA pay
20 GEDmatch DNA testing USA free

Have you tried any of these? I'm particularly interested in the free ones. I already pay for Ancestry.


  1. I do use wikitree on occasion. It has some nice DNA tools and might help you connect with cousins. I recommend entering forebears slowly and taking the opportunity to review your sources of information.
    I have also used GedMatch. Having tested with AncestryDNA GedMatch offers some information about high chromosome you share matches on and helps to find shared matches.


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