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The Swabians - They may be cheap but they are clean and industrious

Hail, the Swabian housewife

They speak a totally different dialect of German; Swabian and supposedly this is not easily understood by other Germans. They get a real kick out of not being understood - makes me think back when we were kids, and would make up our own language so the grown-ups wouldn't know what we were talking about. They like to say, "“We can do anything. Except (speak) High German.” or in Swabian, “Wir können alles. Außer Hochdeutsch.”

They have a proud history of great minds, coming out of Swabia -

Albert Einstein, physicist, Nobel laureate
Erich Hartmann, highest-scoring fighter ace of all time, 352 victories
Ernst Heinkel, aircraft designer
Friedrich Gustav Jaeger, German officer during World War II who participated in an assassination attempt on Hitler
Johannes Kepler, astronomer and mathematician
Carl Friedrich Kielmeyer, biologist
Carl Laemmle, founder of Universal Studios in Hollywood
Leopold Mozart, father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart—the family originally came from Swabia Erwin Rommel, World War II general
and Margarete Steiff, toy maker - Just to name a few.

They have this Swabian tradition, “Kehrwoche”, a house cleaning ritual which started in the 15th century to improve household cleanliness. In other words, their sidewalks are so clean, you could eat off them.

They are thrifty, hardworking and some say the Swabians are the ‘German Scots’. One of their life mottos is “schaffe, schaffe, Häusle baue” which means: “Work, Work, Build a House”. At one time, an impoverished society, where economic pressure turned Swabians into economical people, and this mindset eventually led to economic success.

Baden-Württemberg is now one of the wealthiest regions in Germany and is probably best known as the home of luxury car manufacturer Daimler-Benz.

Swabians are not just known for being tight with their money. They are generally said to be unable to get rid of anything, in case it becomes useful later.

Hmmmmmmmm I do see some famile characteristics!  So how about you - do any of your ancestors come from Swabia?


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  1. This made me snicker:) I don't think any of my family comes from this region. I have to laugh at the miserliness and their own dialect which is so wonky that Germans can't understand


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