Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sephardic DNA

I find searching for Jewish roots, to be downright fascinating. My DNA did not show any Jewish DNA however, in my family, there are many surnames that say otherwise. What is often confusing to me, are those baptismal records. My mother used to tell me about attending Seders and observing Sukkot. While growing up, as a child it just never hit me, until I became a Christian and started learning about the Jewish roots of Christianity. 

Only God knows, who is who in my family - but it's always fun to search and research. 

I came across this article - for those who are wondering if they may have some Jewish heritage back in their families -

Sephardic DNA shared by Mexicans and Jews

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  1. This is very interesting and I will look at the link. I may have written this before but when my aunt was marrying her future husband, before she could marry, the Nazi government needed a family history. They investigated and went back 4 Generations to make sure there was no Jewish blood. I have the documents stamped with the Swaztika which always gives me chills especially why it was being looked at but I would never have the family history without this. Good to have, disgusting why I have it


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