Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Miranda Eve - Edith Howard Cook

NOTE: I am no relation to the Cook family.

You might have read about this - about a year ago in San Francisco, A contractor doing remodeling work uncovered the casket while excavating a section of their backyard. The Medical Examiner was notified and, after opening the casket, determined that further disposition of casket and the young girl inside was the responsibility of the homeowners. The casket was made of metal, 37 inches in length, with two viewing windows in the lid. It was tightly sealed, thus preserving the body of the young girl it held.

After some extensive searching, it was found that the home was built over the Odd Fellows Cemetery. The cemetery accepted burials from 1865 until about 1902. The interred were exhumed in the early 1930s and transferred to another cemetery but this little girl Miranda Eve/Edith Howard Cook was overlooked.

Everyone's heart went out to the little blonde curly headed 2 year old - and since no one knew who she was, they gave her the name Miranda Eve. A couple of weeks later, they gave her a proper burial.

Yesterday, they found who she was - Little Edith Howard Cook born November 28, 1873, in San Francisco and died October 13, 1876, in San Francisco. Thousand hours of research was logged by researchers and volunteers to complete this phase of the project. Living family descendants were eventually found.  Descendents were contacted and agreed to provide DNA samples for comparison. One of these showed a good match to DNA recovered from the hair of “Miranda Eve.  WOW!

This story totally reached my heart strings.  Her short life mattered!

Preserved Child Found

History of the Cook Family

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  1. I remember this little girl and she looked so know the parents spent all they could to give her a proper burial. I'm glad yo see how many did their all for this little girl. The big thing is they found a genetic match! How cool to see that


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