Friday, April 7, 2017

Start them young - make a family tree

I served as a Early Childhood professional and Nanny for 30 years. Every year, I would attempt to teach the little ones (2-4) about their families. At that age, they can only wrap their head around what they actually see - rather some dead gggreat-grandmother!

Daddy,  Mommy, siblings, aunties,  uncles and cousins. Oh and Grandparents! Whoever is in their lives. Sometimes, it was only a Mom and Grandmother - others were loaded with cousins and aunts and uncles.

Here are some ways to introduce the family tree in crafts. Get their whole family involved and then save it and frame it. Cut out pictures if you can, or let them draw their family, as they see them.

I guarantee you - this involvement, this will wet their whistle for future genealogy quests. Then you'll have someone to turn it all over to, someday.

SOURCE; Pinterest 
Handprints - and construction paper - felt

SOURCE; Pinterest

SOURCE: Pinterest

Poster Paint and handprints - 

SOURCE: Pinterest

Lot's of circles

SOURCE: Pinterest

Leaves and branches - construction paper 

SOURCE: Pinterest

Popsicle sticks - and stick families and 3-D - use for a table decoration. 

SOURCE: Pinterest

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  1. That is a pretty good idea because most kids are not like I was. I would ask my mom and dad when I was little about the family tree and try to get as much information as possible. My dads side was much harder to get info. Even when my mom would ask relatives of my dad's, they would just say, "Poland." Of course my dad's family came over in the 1800's when what is Poland now was Germany back then and there was also the Sustro-Hungarian empire.

    1. I was like you - I was always interested. Mom had these really old photos of family - I wanted to know all about them.


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