Monday, April 10, 2017

#A-Z Challenge - Homes

When I am searching for my family, when I find their addresses, I like to google to see if their houses are still standing today. Even if they are not - I like to just see the area as it is now. When I went back to Dayton, 2010 I wasn't able to go to North Dayton to view the homes due to rainy weather and the fact that these homes are now in very bad neighborhoods with high crime. Since a few homes have been torn down, which saddens me because I should of at least, taken a screen shot off google.

Here is what I have found so far:

The above photo: My Grandmother and Grandfather Hasenstab lived here briefly in 1917 before he left for the War. This was in Dayton Ohio, a street with many German immigrants at the time.

This is from my dad's Tennessee family - The Young's.  Their home in Elgin, Tennessee. This was out on some country road, with no address. In 1971, my dad found his old house -

Aunt Hattie, from my dad's side - was a cousin to my Grandma Young. This was taken in 1968. I'm standing in back- my mom holding our dog, Aunt Hattie and my little sister, Donna with our other dog. This was back roads all the way and was where Aunt Hattie was born.  It was amazing to me, to see such old, rickety homes that had been built in the 1840's era.

That is about all I have. I would suggest taking photos of old family homes when you can or look for them on Google. Most areas these homes are going through an urban revitalization and soon they will be gone forever.

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  1. That's something that used to be more commonplace - taking a family picture outside the family home. I wonder why the practice has largely stopped? I can only surmise that it's due to the frequency with which people now move.

    Interesting subject. My sister-in-law has been doing our family history, hampered somewhat by our lengthy history in India, where the record keeping is a tad messed up.

    Visiting from A-Z at Bunny and the Bloke

  2. It is neat how we can "travel" through Google's street view!
    Perspectives at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  3. These house photos are just great! I've done both -- downloaded from Google and visited in person -- and it's worth it either way. I just beat the wrecking ball to my second childhood home, which was badly damaged by flooding, and so glad I went and took photos. Nice job!

  4. My mom's home in Wittenberg, Germany is still standing and people are living there. My grandfather built that home and my mom remembers searching for bricks. My dad's home. in Barry's Bay was a log cabin with no running water or bathroom. My grandmother had a yoke and she would walk down the hill to Paugh lake to collect the water and then climb back up. My grandfather had a sawmill (My dad as well as I grew up on a sawmill) and, back in the 70's the ruins were still there. My brother went in to take pictures and none of us thought about bears but bears were around. Apparently my Aunt burned the house down in 1923...yup, Aunt

  5. I love looking at places on Google Streetview. What a brilliant idea to get a feel for where your family has come from.

    Cait @ Click's Clan

  6. My grandfather lived for many years in Brooklyn, in a neighborhood that turned bad (in fact, he nearly died in a beating during a robbery). A few years ago a cousin and I googled the address. It was a vacant lot. My cousin did some research and found the building had burned down years ago. Your advice is spot on!

  7. I've used google to find and take photos of homes but I need to search for all the addresses I have. Thanks for reminding me!


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