Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Those Damn Hasenstab's

Patty Hasenstab - 11 years old

I just dream of that day, when I can make a DNA connection, with someone from the Hasenstab family. I check all the time. Today I found a DNA connection to the Closson side. That was encouraging. But it's the Hasenstab side, that haunts me. Why?

Today I joined a couple of groups on Facebook. They both have my head reeling from information overload. It might be time, to put it to rest for today. I've worked all morning.  I love reading happy stories. This one gal actually found 2 siblings - a brother and a sister. How cool is that? That would really mess things up for me since my folks have passed. I already know about a half-brother. No all I want to find is a DNA connection to the Hasenstab Family.

Maybe I need to see a shrink!

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