Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Grandparents

Marion Frances Gragg

While we wait...PATIENTLY,  for the results of my step-daughters DNA, she asked her Mom for what she knew about her bio family. Apparently, her mom's parents had died when she was a teenager and she went to live with an aunt and uncle. So Char gave me the names and birthdates of both the mom and the dad.

I couldn't wait to look it all up - I found her Mom. Easy peasy. However, Dad was not showing up as the name she gave me.

Max Harris

To not keep you in suspense I found out that the father before he married the mom, had been a guest on Alcatraz Island. Served his time - Got out - changed his name and married the mom. I have no idea if Char's mom knew or even if Marion Gragg knew.

I haven't shared the news yet with Char - I think she'll get a kick out of it; as I did. Funny that the only photo of good old granddad is his mugshot from Alcatraz.

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  1. I love finding out information on my family even when it is wicked because it gives flavour to the family tree

    1. I do, too. Especially if they are now long dead. It would be different if it were Charles Manson or some other contemporary.

  2. Debby, I would love to know how you do this. I have a thirty something daughter whose dad left us when she was eight months old and the rest of the family followd (he returned to the gal he had divorced two years before we met, lesson learned(. I would love to find out information for her medical history if nothing else, but so far, that has been a really big brick wall. Eventually Im sure she'll have one of those brac tests, I guess.

  3. DNA certainly removes a lot of secrets. I'm glad Char was cool with Grandpa being in Alcatraz. I enjoy the reading with family histories whether the people are related to me or not. Those of us who love genealogy do love the past.


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