Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Story about My Mom's Father

Grandpa was a Wingwalker (BS)

The story I heard, growing up, about my Mom's father was that he died before my mom was born. Grandma was 8 months pregnant with my Mom. He died in a plane crash. He was a wing-walker. Mom had a brother who was 16 years old than her. Uncle Bud.

Basically, Mom and her single mother were poor - lived in boarding houses in Dayton Ohio. Apparently, my Grandma was a bit on the difficult side. They got kicked out of places because of her temperament. I felt sorry, listening to my mother's hardships. Meanwhile, her brother was in the Army Air Corp, stationed in England and occasionally they would get postcards from him that I still have. 

After the war, Uncle Bud married a gal from Alabama and they settled in Springfield, Ohio and had 4 children. 

I was always curious, as to why, my Uncle Bud, had a different last name from my mom's maiden name which was Hasenstab. The reason: He legally changed his name to my Grandma's maiden name (Closson) so he could fight Nazi's. Sounded good enough for me. 

After my Mom's death, I was shocked to find, that her father, Edward (Edwin) Joesph Hasenstab, was alive and well when my mom was born in 1934. He was alive and well, when I was born, in Dayton Ohio in 1954. So where the heck was he? He was right there, in Dayton Ohio, living with a woman, he referred to as his wife, Cordelia Martin. He died in 1958. 

So, there begins my wall of walls - What happened between him and my Grandma? Were they ever really married? Did they divorce? Was he my Mom's bio dad? Why did Grandma and he wait 16 years, to have another child? Was my Mom's father really a Wingwalker? 

Mom was gone. The only living relatives I had left, from my mom's side, were my cousins. Did they know about our mysteriousGrandfather Hasenstab? 

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