Sunday, March 19, 2017

Rooted by Blood, DNA and a lot BS

From Cherokee to Scandinavian Ethnicity

I am finding out the hard way, many of the "family stories" were just that - stories. No evidence to substantiate. Therefore, I have to go with the lack of evidence and go toward the direction of what is true, according to records. Disappointing to say the least. I basically grew up, believing I was part Cherokee. I also never knew I had more Scandinavian than anything else. Even though, the many Swede's I have known through my life, always said, they were convinced by looking at me, that I was Swedish. I still don't know what part of Scandinavia my Ancestors came from. Doesn't much matter anymore.

I am the only one of my birth family, still alive. My sister, left me in Sept. 2015. Killed me. I wanted her and I to investigate more into our family. We never got a chance. I would of loved to have found out, what DNA, she got from our parents. I always assumed, siblings would get the same DNA from our parents, but that is not so. It would of completed the whole picture for me - I am one who enjoys the science of all of this, more than anything else.

For the BS stories, look for the labels that say BS. If said BS Story is found to have some evidence, then I will change it. Until then, the Cherokee in my family is a big, story of bull-shit.

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