Sunday, April 16, 2017

O IS FOR Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton, OHIO

I don't actually know that much about Ohio; the state I was born in. We left a few weeks after I was born. Dad was just finishing up his army, and from what I was told, Mom wanted me to be born in her hometown of Dayton - not a military hospital. So I was born at Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton Ohio.

Nothing makes you feel old faster than knowing the hospital you were born is, not there. Well, it's there, but was demolished and a newer, younger hospital took its place.

The postcard reads: Good Samaritan is a general hospital owned and operated by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Ohio. From an original 250 bed hospital, it is now over 450 beds and 75 bassinets. Since its opening in 1932, it is ever growing and expanding its facilities to best meet the needs of the Community.

Here it is, being demolished

Gosh I love google - I found this: From Orourke wrecking:

This project included the mass demolition of two wings of an active hospital. A vertical separation was performed utilizing sawing and hand demolition techniques to allow for a smooth transition for the new addition demolished.The project required a floor by floor selective demolition approach along the exterior wall and column bay directly adjacent to the occupied one-story building. This administrative building was less than seven feet from the adjacent five-story building being demolished.

Thar she goes...

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  1. The hospital I was born in has been demolished too. Not sure what is there now. I also did not grow up in the town I was born in. Hard sometimes to feel one's roots.
    Visiting from A to Z.

    O is for Oakleigh

    Anne Young

    Anne's family history

    1. Time marches on and things change

  2. Visiting from A to Z -- the hospital that I was born in, is vacant and in serious disrepair. There has been talk of making apartments for homeless people. That would be awesome use of all of those rooms. I wish they would move forward with that plan.

  3. The hospital I, along with both of my siblings, was born in is also gone. Makes me sad. And as a side note, my children were both born in Good Samaritan Hospital in California.

  4. The hospital I was born I. Is still standing and my claim to fame is that I was born in Welland...bleccchhhh. We had 2 hospitals in St. Catharines and they just demolished the one and they built a brand new hospital so the old one will also be demolished.

    1. They eventually have to repair, restore or tear them down. My sons hospital they were born in, is undergoing a major restoration.


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